Multi-channel order fulfillment automation

AMZ Routing

Better, simpler solution for Amazon FBA sellers

Manage Amazon FBA like a Pro

Cutting and pasting customer data to fulfill orders is time-consuming and frustrating.
Balancing inventories across multiple locations for is a multi-screen nightmare.

Until now!

Order automation

Automatically send sales orders from all ecommerce platforms to FBA.

Shipping plans

Create shipping plans quickly and easily to replenish inventory based on demand.

Non-FBA warehouses

Manage non-Amazon inventory at multiple warehouses in a single screen.

Sales history

Instant preview of historical 6-mo sales for every platform on individual SKU level.

Order approval

Optionally, approve pending routed orders before they are sent for fulfillment to Amazon.

Low-stock alerts

Create and manage reorder warnings for every FBA item to avoid lost sales.

Simple setup

Connect integrated sales channels in minutes, link (map) SKUs, and turn routing sync “ON”.

And more...

Treat your QuickBooks Online as a sales channel and route sales orders to Amazon for fulfillment.

Why DataQlick Routing?

Utilize Amazon FBA fulfillment to the max

Automated Order Routing


  • Eliminate manual creation of FBA Fulfillment Orders, no more cut and paste
  • Safe pre-approval option for transactions ready to be sent to Amazon FBA
  • Affordable and easily implemented solution for your ecommerce business

Informed Shipping Plan Creation


  • Comprehensive view all your inventory in all Amazon stages and non-Amazon warehouses in a single unified window, eliminating screen switching
  • Easily calculate shipping plan using reorder point alerts and visibility to historical sales on all connected platforms to avoid out-of-stock or overstock in Amazon FBA warehouses
  • Do not lose sales or incur fees due to out of balance stock
  • Exercise complete control and management of your shipping plans from one screen

Non-Amazon Warehouse Inventory Management

  • Manage multiple non-Amazon locations to balance inventories for best inventory strategy
  • Easily control warehouse quantities and execute transfers
  • Real time access to inventory levels at all warehouses to support supply and demand decisions


Simple price. Free 14-day trial.


Success Stories

Great app and very simple. After trying hundreds of app in the play store DataQlick is the most simple with lot of features. Hats off to the developer.

You do not have to be a computer wiz to use it and the viewing options are easy to use. Support is also very helpful and quick in responding.

Maru Witicker

Store Owner

I am an eBay seller and I’ve been searching for inventory management system for more than a year, until a friend recommend DataQlick to me.

I like it and have no plans to change it for another application. It is easy to use, the main pros for me besides stock, purchase and sales management are integrations with certain marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Shopify) .

Debra Becker

Ebay Seller

DataQlick is intuitive and easy to use, which is why it is not a surprise that our entire marketing team was easily able to adapt to this new system.

After using it for several months, I can’t believe we were using paper in the first place.

DataQlick has helped us big time!

John Wise

Marketing Assistant

Eliminate manual order entry and overstock fees

FBA mastery is within reach